Could I come and see the party booking software in use or maybe you come to me?

You would be very welcome to visit our offices and have a comprehensive demonstration of the system. We could also show you the system in a ‘real’ environment at a busy Play Centre at the same time. We may also be able to let you have a trial version of the software to download and play with. Us coming to see you would depend on where you are but feel free to talk to us.

What hardware and software do I need?

Basically just a Windows based PC, a broadband connection and a printer is enough to get you started. You may also wish to have Microsoft Word and Excel installed to make full use of the mail-merge facilities that are built in and to export data.

Will this software run on a Mac?

Sorry, no - not unless you are running windows OS on your Mac.

Will you help me set up the system. At first glance it looks a bit complicated?

Yes! In fact we wouldn’t have it any other way. We will help you set up all the basics to get going, at no extra charge. Once set up, it is easy for you to then fine tune and alter things as you wish.

What support do I get after purchase?

We have several options to choose from at purchase but we supply telephone support to help you through any problems. In addition, the system is self-monitoring in that should an error occur, details of that error are automatically emailed to us. We then can send you a ‘fix’ by return which installs automatically.

Do we need the optional Membership Module?

It all depends. If you currently run a membership scheme and give discounts to members for parties, then we think you will find it very worthwhile to have the module. There are other benefits too. We can advise on this when discussing your specific circumstances.

We already have a membership system and software for it. Can I transfer this data to your system?

Possibly. Databases come in various formats and we might be able to import your data. We would need to look at your system and then we could advise further.

I don’t need a membership system as such but I would like to keep accurate records of parties and customers

No problem. The Party Booking System does that automatically without the additional membership module. Furthermore, marketing, together with advanced search and query tools are built in.


We have 3 Receptionists working on 2 separate PC’s. Will the system cope?

Yes. If you already have 2 PC’s on Reception, they are probably already networked. Our software can run in a multi user environment. In this way, all PC’s are always and instantly, fully up to date. No double bookings, no duplication of data.

Can I keep track of changes made to Party bookings?

Absolutely. Every booking has a ‘history’. You can always see what changes have been made, when they were made and by whom.

We frequently change the format of our parties – and the prices and ‘extras’ as well. Can the system cope with all this?

Absolutely. In fact this is a fundamental principle of the system. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to your requirements is at the core of the design.

We sometimes change the prices on our parties daily? Do I have to change the ‘fixed’ prices every time?

No. You again have total flexibility. You can have a fixed price for say, weekdays, a different one again for weekends, a separate ‘Members’ price on those as well, a premium price for say, Pirate Parties – or no fixed price at all, you just decide the price at the time of booking. The system is almost infinitely variable. You can also set up ‘templates’ for a combination of setups that regularly re-occur.

How safe is my data if my PC crashes?

As with any computer data, backups are essential. If you wish, we can advise on various backup options but bottom-line, you should back up all your data at least once a day and at least one copy of that backup is best kept off the premises.

I’m worried about the ‘transition’. Our existing system may be paperwork-heavy and cumbersome but it works

We understand completely, we’ve been there ourselves. Initially, we would suggest you run the existing system and ours side by side for a period. In our experience, the old methods will quickly fall by the wayside. We will also hold your hand in these early days as you become familiar with the new system.

Party Booking Sysytem - Frequenty Asked Questions

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will reply promptly.

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