Manage Bookings with Party Booking System Software

Manage your bookings.

Take control. Save time.

  • Manage your business, bookings, marketing and invoicing
  • Automated confirmations and invoices - email or letter based
  • Custom branding via template based confirmations and invoices.
  • Track changes to a booked party
  • Set minimum booking numbers
  • Analyse past bookings
  • Reminders for unconfirmed provisional bookings
  • Statistical information -
    how busy are we?
    How many booking slots still available?
    How many parties booked next month?

Online Party Booking System

Online Booking Module.

Always open.

  • Receive bookings from the web directly into the Party Booking System on your desktop
  • Customers can book parties 24/7
  • Synchronise party types and their availability to website
  • Upsell party extras on web
  • Online booking alerts
  • Easy and secure online payments via paypal gateway
    (customers do not require paypal account)

Party Booking Membership System

Membership Module.

Increase revenue.

  • Offer loyalty rewards
  • Members details automatically imported when booking a party
  • Allows for members prices and non members prices
    (prices can also be reflected on the web - requires the online booking module)
  • Sophisticated membership searches
  • Membership targeted marketing

Booking System Payments and Invoicing

Payments and Invoicing.

An extra helping hand.

  • Deposit management
  • Versatile charging models
  • Email customised invoices.
  • Invoices generated automatically as selections made and 'extras' chosen.
  • Automated invoices from online bookings (requires online booking module)

Marketing Tools with Party Booking System

Marketing Tools.


  • Keep in touch with customers by mail or email - email or print party reminders
  • Maintains database of all customers
  • Sophisticated search and filter querying of contacts and bookings
  • Targeted marketing campaigns - postcode - age group - party type etc.
  • Marketing information - who are your best customers? where do they come from?

Configurable Party Booking System


Adapt the system to fit your existing requirements.

  • Unlimited party types
  • Unlimited attendee types
  • Unlimited party options or extras for each party
  • Multiple ways of charging for parties, attendees and party options
  • Unlimited party times
  • Unlimited party rooms/locations
  • Setup templates for combinatiions that regularly re-occur.
  • Custom branding via template based confirmations and invoices.

Booking System Features and Benefits

The Party Booking System is a feature rich application. These are just some of the features and benefits.

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