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Video Guide. The Diary Screen. Party bookings at a glance.

Manage your bookings - video transcript

The diary shows the parties which have been booked for the day or the available spaces, called slots, where parties can be booked into. No more double booking.

Simply navigate from one day to another day by using the calendar.

You can decide how much information is displayed on the diary page.

Each day on the diary can be setup by the manager in advance with the times and locations of available parties. You may give your operator or receptionist the freedom to add or remove party availability (slots) if you so wish.

You can easily move booked parties from one time to another time, from one day to another day. You do not need to re-enter all the party information.

From the diary screen you can quickly search for a particular party booked by a customer. Search using the customers surname or part of their address or the name of the child whose party it is for.

You can also find parties which have been booked , but not confirmed for any time period.

At the bottom of the diary screen is a graph to quickly show the play centre stats for the month. At a glance you can see how many parties are booked and any busy periods for the month.

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