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Video Guide. Booking a party for a member. Introducing Membership Pricing.

Membership Schemes - video transcript


It can be highly beneficial and profitable to offer a membership scheme with rewards for members.

You may like differentiate between members prices and non members prices when booking a party. With the membership module this can be achieved.

In this demo this party has been booked for a non member, with non members prices. Lets change this to a member to see the effect that this has on the price.

Enter the membership number.

Notice how the members detailed are imported into the party booking, including the members children.

Also notice how the price for the party has been reduced - this is because the system recognises that this is a valid member and recalculates all the charges in the party at the membership rate.

Finally if this is a party for one of the members children, just click on that child and the Party For and Date of Birth fields for that child are automatically filled in.

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