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Video Guide. Advanced Membership searches for makerting purposes.

Membership Targeting - video transcript

The membership module includes an advanced search facility for querying the membership database. Use multiple criteria to narrow down your searches. Use the search results to send out a mail merge to your selected members.

Right this gets a bit complicated, lets start off with a easy example

lets just search for one member, number 6401.

The numbers in the yellow boxes clearly show the search results.

Well of course there is only one member 6401.

This member has 4 children.

The member has visited the play centre 8 times. During these 8 visits, the member has brought 41 children along, 14 of which were his own children.

This member has also booked 4 parties.

The tabs on the right show the breakdown of all of this information. The members details, the children, the visits and the parties that member has booked respectively.

Lets do a more realistic search to show how that this can be a really useful marketing tool.

We want to send a reminder out to all members who have a child between 10 and 12 years old, with a birthday coming up in September.

The search results show that 8 members have children who match this criteria.

OK great, hang on I want to restrict this search to those members who have also visited at least once in the past.

Only 3 members now match this criteria.

What if I just want to promote the princess party in September ? I could maybe just send reminders out to those members who have had a princess party.

Once you are happy with the numbers in the search results, you can send an email or mail merge to those members.

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