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Parties, slots, day templates ? - video transcript

In the first instance we can set up all your parties for you, allowing you to get going quickly.

However all party settings can be easily tweaked from the setup manager.

You can define an unlimited number of attendee types e g you can group children according to their age

You can define an unlimted number of party locations.

You can define an unlimited number of party types. eg. Adult Parties, Themed parties, discos etc. Each of these party types have their own options and attendees. The summary is displayed here in the setup manager. Here are some parties we set up earlier.

You can see the setup of all the parties is highly configurable. There should be enough flexiblity to match the system to your existing parties rather than having to match the parties to the constraints of the system.

Party types can be assigned to slots which can be considered as party holders which specific party types can be booked into. Each slot may be a different duration and you can specify timed activities within the slots. These are summarised in the setup manager.

Often different types of days will follow the same pattern of slots, and to save time in setup these can be defined as a day template. This combination of templates, slots and party types gives an incredible amount of control and flexibility.

Please look at the support video tutorials which demonstrate in more details how you can setup the party types, party options, slots and day templates.

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